5 ‘Must-Haves’ To A Rocking House Party
House Party

Partying with your close circle of friends and relatives is an awesome way to increase the festive fervour. Let food, fun and Classic Indian rummy sizzle your party. Start planning and make arrangements for that rocking party and be the cool host.

Check out these important ‘must haves’ to transform your party from ‘nice’ to ‘eclectic’ and make it a fabulous one.

  1. Planned guest list

The last thing perhaps you would want is to have a guest who keeps always grumbling and being the spoil-sport. Hence, plan your guest list so that you have a good mix of all – young and old, fun loving and the laid back. Avoid trouble-makers who look for reasons to get into arguments and make it embarrassing to the host.

  1. Great sound system

Ensure you have a good sound system to play some awesome music for your guests. If you do not have one, fret not. You will always find those docking systems where you can plug in your smartphones and enjoy the music. However, ensure you do not blow your neighbourhood with high decibel music way too late in the night.

  1. Good music playlist

What fun is a party without any music? Plan meticulously the kind of music you intend to play. Keeping in the mind your guest lists and their likely preferences, come up with a playlist which could be a mix of genres – from pop, indie-pop, rock to Bollywood. Your choice of music should be pulsating enough and keep your guests’ mood upbeat. Plan for a couple of dance numbers too to encourage your guests to shake a leg during the party.

  1. A well-planned food and drink selection

Parties are always synonymous with good food and some choicest drinks. Make sure you have planned the menu in such a way that your platter satiates the vegans too. If you are expecting kids and children as well, then ensure you have some interesting ‘small-eats’ for them too apart from your main menu. If you would like to keep the mood of the party sober, let your drink selection reflect the same.

  1. Plan for some card games

Parties get even more interesting when it is interspersed with some card games. Popular card games like playing classic Indian rummy are a favourite among everyone. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the party. Through some decks of cards and let your guests have a fabulous time playing classic Indian rummy. From youngsters to the older generation, everyone can play rummy together and praise your party too! These days with the online gaming scenario gaining importance, classic rummy online free play is very popular too. To make the party even more interesting, you could form your own group of the circle of friends and enjoy playing classic rummy online and add to the fun element.

Get started!

It’s action time. Start working out the details of your party and pull out all the stops to ensure you host a great party for your guests worth a million!


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