Best Mobile Games You Can Play Using Controllers

Playing mobile games with your friends or other gamers in your family can be one of the best activities for gaming enthusiasts around the world. One can simply have an internet connection that provides an ample amount of speed and reliable connectivity and one can turn their room into a gaming command center. Also, these games are one of the avenues to kill boredom and exercise the mind.

There are different genres of games available and all of these features get major upgrades over time as game developers want the users to stay on their toes while playing the game. But it is always a good idea to add a healthy activity along with your gaming routine as well. One of the best ways is to create a balanced schedule for yourself. You can also learn about new games and the latest updates from the world of gaming using sports channels listed in the Spectrum Silver channel list for a better way to enjoy news and reviews about games. Let’s have a look at the best mobile games that you can play using your controllers

Afterpulse – Elite Army

The game gets you a console experience and unreal graphics with thousands of weapons and gear that you can unlock on the way. You can play and select from different combat modes and more than 1000 weapons and skins. There are 8 unique maps for different play styles that include close combat, guns, assault and deploy elite squads to defeat the enemy. The game also has seasonal rewards with exciting missions and game content that you can never resist.

Google Play Rating: 4.0

Lineage 2: Revolution

The game has come up with some amazing updates and upgrades where Rune comes under attack by a monster and you are the last hope and defense they have. You can level up rewards and more expanded dungeons. You can use some new mounts and expand your combat power and enjoy some stunning visuals and venture into a breathtaking new world that uses Unreal Engine 4 to make the visuals more fantastic. You can team with a bunch of friends and strangers and enjoy one of the most amazing fantasy games on your mobile device.

Google Play Rating: 3.8


The game is one of the most played game by Epic Games released in the year 2017 and can be played in different game mode versions wherein you can save the world and survive against zombie-like creatures or as a free to play battle royale game where you can compete against 100 players and be the last person standing. You can also play the game where you have complete freedom to create different worlds and different battle arenas. The game has become a part of the global culture as players around the world compete and play the game on different gaming devices

Google Play Rating: N/A

Gangstar Vegas

Enter the world of crime and sin where you can come across cartel and gang members and survive in Gangster Vegas developed by TPS Gameloft. There are massive open game worlds full of gang wars and thieves who steal no matter what happens. There are clan conspiracies, vehicles of all sorts and so many things that you can expect from an environment where gangsters and mob members reign supreme. There are action missions, street fights and so much more to experience almost anytime and anywhere.

Google Play Rating: 4.3

Life is Strange

This is a five-part game based on different episodes with a revolutionary story-based choice and allows the player to rewind time. This means you can go back in the past, live in the present, and also travel beyond in the future. The story is about an individual who discovers that she can rewind time and saved her best friend by the name Chloe Price. The duo realizes that they should investigate some mysterious disappearances of their fellow students and realizes that messing up with time while traveling to the past can result in a devastating future. You can find the game amazingly written with striking visuals and a storyline. The game also allows users to share their progress on social media as well.

Google Play Rating: 4.3

Flipping Legend

This requires users to use weapons, spells, and their guts to go through the pattern-based adventure game. You have to master your speed and wits to play with powerful heroes. You can unlock more secrets and abilities and become better than your enemies. You can go to far-off lands and get discovered by fellow travelers. There are different characters and abilities to explore and listen to some epic music while playing the game.

Google Play Rating: 4.3

Final Words

These are a few games that you can play using the game and stay entertained. Also, these games are a medium of bringing people around the world united as well. You can find many of these games for download on Google Play and App Store as well.

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