Best Way To Learn Tsioque – Interactive Walkthrough

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure with many of your favorite video game characters? Well now you can! The YouTube channel QuestArena has found a way of taking snippets from playthroughs of different video games, such as Zelda Breath of the Wild, and combine them together to make a short yet fascinating story progression.

The channel uploads short videos, which can be anywhere from 30 seconds to a little over a minute long, detailing something that is happening in an adventure game. At the end of every video, you have a choice of doing a certain action.

Not every action is valid and some results in you dying. However, a few times, picking a different path may change the entire outline of the story, which means that it has a higher “replayability” factor. That way, you can determine what path that you want to take, and see the different scenarios that play out as a result.

This is a very creative and fascinating take on the combining of different games to tell a unique story. It is a game idea that is riding on the coattails of the Choose Your Own Adventure genre.

Seeing a character from a game that you like play in a new adventure, yet in a different light, is kind of refreshing, and can make for a good laugh if you pick the wrong option. For instance, in one of the videos, if you make a wrong turn, you fall head-first into a puddle of water.

All in all, this is the type of creativity that we need to see more of on the platform.
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