How To Develop A Board Game App?
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What Are The Board Games?

Board games are the games that involve moving objects, pieces, or counters over a pre-surface or board. These types of games have seen tremendous growth in the last decade. According to Statista, the global market value of board games, a.k.a tabletop games, is expected to reach USD 12 bn by 2023.

These games target mass audiences, i.e., people of all ages, which is one of the major factors behind the growing popularity of tabletop games and the increasing demand for board game development. If you, too, are planning to build an entertaining and engaging board game with the right monetization strategy, then this article is for you. Before contact mobile game development company go through the points given below. Here, we have provided steps to create a board game:

Ideation And Conceptualization

Yes, you have decided to develop a board game. But what type of board game? Keep a few ideas in mind, do a thorough research to figure out what types of board games are trending, their features, business models, and more. Once you finalize an idea for your game, find out the answers to the questions like-

  • Who are your targeted audiences?
  • How much time do they spend on playing mobile games?
  • Are they willing to download a paid game?

To know this, you can conduct surveys and polls. Rest assured! A little effort in the beginning will going to help your game to get desired users and success.

Write Down Your Specific App Requirements

After you check out the popular board games in the market, it’s time to set requirements for your own board game. Now, decide the game mechanics or technology stack that can turn your board game idea into reality.

Make sure you choose the most advanced tools and technologies to avoid any compatibility issues with multiple devices with different configurations. Besides this, set your targets or business goals to define what you want from your game.

Game Designing

Now, begin with designing your board game. This part requires a great deal of attention since the interface is the first thing a user sees. Set a theme for your board game that will help to engage and entertain users. Use the right game elements and take your first step towards the UI/UX development.

Write The Code

Once the designing part is complete, begin with developing your game. Make sure you choose the right programming language, frameworks, libraries, and other tools to get what you expect. Don’t forget to test each development module to ensure the flawlessness of the app. This will also ensure the sound functionality of your game.

If you are in chaos, then it is advised to build an MVP first and get feedback from your targeted audience. Based on the feedback, you can further continue the board game development process.

Game Testing

Test the prototype you have designed. To check its functionality, ask a few players to play and give feedback. By doing this, you will get to know the areas of improvement or whether your game is different from the others or not.

Launch The Game

Now when your game has been developed successfully, read the guidelines provided by the App Store or Google’s Play Store to make your app ready for the launch. Once everything seems good, release the game.

Please remember that releasing the game is not the last stage of the board game development, you need to fuel it up with continuous support and maintenance. Therefore, take care of the same.

To make your game stand apart from the ones that are already there in the market, you can add variations in your game. For example, if you have decided to create a board game like Monopoly, then add different variations to make your game different from Monopoly and to add an X factor to it.

After going through these steps, if you feel like mobile game development is not your thing, then contact a reliable mobile game app development company or hire Unity game developers to build the same for you. Here, we have talked about the Unity game engine because it is the trending technology in the gaming industry. You can also choose any other tech stack depending on your particular app requirements and budget.

Final Words

Are you looking out for the simple steps to create a board game? You are in the right place. This article is a quick guide to the board game app development. Read it thoroughly, and you would be able to develop a tabletop game on your own. However, if you don’t want to try for the Unity app development to build a beautiful board game, then reach out to a trusted and experienced custom mobile app company. Provide your specific app requirements and build the board game right away!