Strategy Island
Strategy Island

Board games as we know it have always been fun to play and enjoy with friends and family. They are perfect for all get-togethers and picnics. From Monopoly to Scotland Yard, we have all played one or the other board game since our childhood. But now, this new board game called Strategy Island has hit the market, and I’ll tell you 5 reasons why you need to play this one.

What is Strategy Island?

The background is that you were traveling on an airplane over an ocean. The plane then suffers from an engine failure, leading it to crash, and you end up on an uninhabited island. It has a flooded extinct volcano, which forms a lake at the top. There is a kayak there, which could lead you to safety.

The challenge is to reach the top of the volcano and get to the kayak. That would require supplies like food, water, and building materials. The supplies are limited, but enough for one person. The caveat here is that not only you have washed up here, but other people have too. As people hunt for supplies, they might turn hostile and try to take stuff from others. To defend yourself, a spear, shield, and axe are a must.

You must gather at least one food water and fire card by scavenging around the island to get to the volcanic lake and escape!

How to Play?

The fire, water, and food cards need to be placed in the color-coded places around the board. A set of weapon cards are also to be given to each player. The dice needs to be thrown now. If you don’t throw doubles, then you can either add the numbers on the dice or subtract them, and move the appropriate number of spaces. Three doubles cause a penalty.

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As you land of the colored space of the required cards, you can remove them and place them in front of you on the table. To get to the hut from the beach quickly, you need to throw a double.

Trading and battling are also allowed. In case of the former, it’s a simple case of barter. However, you can also take someones’ card by defeating them. The shield beats the axe, the spear beats the shield and the axe beats the spear. As you make your way to the center of the island, you must land exactly on the kayak to escape. If you end up with one card of each type at this stage and survive the attempts of other players to defeat you, you’ll end up as the Strategy Island Survivor.

5+ Reasons to Play This Board Game:

  • A fresh approach to the genre of board based strategy games
  • Healthy competition based on skill and a bit of luck
  • A tactical approach is required to win
  • Interesting storyline
  • Great build quality and amazing user reviews
  • Supports 5 major languages