The Top 3 Best Dota 2 Items in 2020
The Top 3 Best Dota 2 Items in 2020

Dota 2 is one of the most entertaining and challenging games in the world. Even though the game was published almost eight years ago, it still continues to be one of the most played games on Steam. In reality, it’s so popular that there have been 500,000 active players all across the globe.

Unlike the other MOBAs out there, Valve’s approach to Dota 2 isn’t that rough. It ensures that there are not too many cataclysmic improvements in the game, even though the Outlanders Patch has drastically modified everything. Instead, the organization aims to take things cautiously by introducing minor yet consistent changes aimed at enhancing the living standards of players.

When it comes to the in-game aspect, have you ever wondered about the best items in DOTA 2? If you’re new to the game, then you’d probably be interested in this information. Here are our personally picked best items in the history of DOTA 2 we :

  1. Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger is extremely useful in many situations, making it a commonly purchased item by any single hero in the game. Each hero can theoretically benefit from getting this item.

There are, however, specific heroes dota 2 items, such as Centaur, Axe, and Templar Assassin, where this item is an utter and complete must buy. Blink Dagger enables these heroes to maximize the full extent of their abilities. Moreover, using this item can be tricky for those who are new to the game.

  1. Aghanim’s Scepter

If you’re an old-school Dota 2 player, you definitely know that this item was really exclusive back then. There were just a couple of heroes that were compatible with the item.  However, everything has changed entirely over the past few years.

Today, almost every hero in Dota 2 can use this weapon, and it already provides an impact on either a hero’s ultimate or his other skills. That item’s ability is one of the key factors that made it so famous in the first place.

  1. Black King Bar

The top 3 item on our list is the notorious Black King Bar or BKB, an item that has been around for years. However, unlike the Aghanim’s Scepter, this item has always been widely used by Dota players, even before Dota 2 arrived.

Every single core player has reached a stage in the game where he needs to purchase a BKB. As a matter of fact, this is the only possible option that can save you from instantaneous death, especially in some tough situations. And of course, you need to press its shortcut key or click it before it can be used. Believe it or not, certain players can overlook how this item functions.

All in all, every Dota 2 game is different, so it is advisable to always try to adapt your items to the situation you are in if you want to have a chance to climb up the ladder.


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